On February 8 & 9, our club was a magical place for our 2019 Flower Show, "All You Need is Love".  ‘LOVE’ was in the air for this one!  We wish to thank all who worked so hard in helping to plan and execute the Show, those who contributed exhibits, and all who attended our Show and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rita Mixer & Carol Friedman, Co-Chair



Design Top Award:  Caryl Ponder

Horticulture Top Award:  Barb Buery

Design Tri Color Award:  Claire Milligan

Designers Choice:  Caryl Ponder

Table Artistry:  Rita Mixer

Petite Award:  KC Jeronimo

Growers Choice Award in Horticulture:

Carol Friedman

Barb Buery

Parke Finold

Rita Mixer

Pat Danahy

Barb Buery

Julie McClure

Horticulture Award of Merit:

LInda Fountain

Janice Hamlin

Botantical Arts Photo Award:  Carol Friedman

Artistic Crafts Award:  Susan Palmieri

Education Award:  Niki Muller

Caryl Ponder, Top Design
Barb Beury, Top Horticulture
Claire Milligan, Design Tri Color
Caryl Ponder, Designer Choice
Rita Mixer, Table Artistry
KC Jeronimo, Petite
Barb Beury, Growers Choice
Pat Danahy, Growers Choice
Carol Friedman, Growers Choice
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2018 Manatee River Garden Club Custom Design